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Aniol Serrasolses

happened to be kayaking the Indus river in Gilgit-Baltistan , Pakistan. And our guide was Tajammul Hussain, young men from Gilgit. Lived his whole life there, so he know the ways like nobody else… he speaks great English , Hurdu and the local dialect from Gilgit. You can have deep conversations with him , and his knowledge of the mountains and the area is just mind blowing and very helpful.
He is very trusty and honest. Always trying to get us the best price and giving us helpful advices on the ways to approach people, buying’s….
Never felt unsafe during the whole trip . and Taju was there for us the whole time. Whatever we needed he would take care of it, he is simply the guy you want to have when going to a foreign country like Pakistan where you don’t understand the language or what’s offensive and what not.
After a successful trip down the Indus, he knows everything it takes to pull out a safe expedition, what are the bad spots and portages…. What are the good sites to camp, where to eat so you don’t get sick, and the rythim it takes to make it in time.
I will be back in Pakistan and the first member of the team will be Taju of course, he is an indispensable piece of the puzzle when putting together an expedition to the Indus river,
I can only be thankful for his services during our trip and very happy now to consider myself his friend.
I’ve traveled all over the world and I never had a guide but with Taju and his driver Dildar I was completely happy and relieved to have them !! Thank you taju for making this trip to Pakistan the best one yet !!

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