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UK paves road for Pakistan travel

William and Kate in Pakistan


More than six months after British Airways resumed operations to Pakistan, the United Kingdom on Friday relaxed its travel advisory for the country in a major step welcomed by Islamabad as “great...

Kalash Festival 2020
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Kalash Festivals

Kalash Festivals

Kalash Valley Festival refers to the festivals celebrated by the Kalashi people in the Kalash valley of Pakistan. There are three major festivals celebrated in the valley. Follow are the festivals celebrated each year.
1. Kalash Chilam Joshi Festival (Spring Season)
2. Kalash Uchal Festival (Summer Season)

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Charakusa Valley Pakistan

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hushe, the road-end village of Baltistan opens some of the ideal trekking and mountaineering opportunities for deferent ages and tastes. Charakusa Valley glacier is situated in area of magnificent mountains just few kilometers from Hushe. The K6 (7281 m), K7 (6934 m), Link Sar (7041m), Drifica (6650m), Kapura Peak (6545 m), Niza Peak, Namika (6325m), Laila peak 6400m provide unique opportun...

Baltit Fort
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Pakistan Culture Tours Itineraries

19 Days Karachi Mohen Jo Daro, Multan,  Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Swat Gilgit & Hunza Tour

Day 01 ...