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Charakusa Valley Pakistan

Hushe, the road-end village of Baltistan opens some of the ideal trekking and mountaineering opportunities for deferent ages and tastes. Charakusa Valley glacier is situated in area of magnificent mountains just few kilometers from Hushe. The K6 (7281 m), K7 (6934 m), Link Sar (7041m), Drifica (6650m), Kapura Peak (6545 m), Niza Peak, Namika (6325m), Laila peak 6400m provide unique opportunity to climb rock and ice pinnacles in the heart of Karakorum.

There are also many of the peaks are less than 6000 meters, which means no permit fee and no liaison officer, and with just a three-day walk from the end of the road makes an affordable Karakorum expeditions.
All the approach treks to these peaks starts from the Hushe village and passes through some best trekking routes in Karakorum. Base camps are located in stunning verdant site surrounded by high granite spires and enormous snow covered mountains. There are certain reasons to lure your imagination.

Day-01 Islamabad- Rawalpindi: Sightseeing
Day-02 Drive to Chilas on Karakorum highway11-12 hrs
Day-03 Drive  to Skardu along with Indus River 8-9hrs
Day-04 Drive to Hushe village 6-7hrs
Day-05 Trek to Saicho 4-5 hrs
Day-06 Trek to Spangser 4-5 hrs
Day-07 Trek to base camp
Day-8/35 25 days for climbing
Day-36 Trek back to Spangser
Day-37 Trek back to Saicho
Day-38 Trek back to Hushe
Day-39 Drive to Skardu by Jeeps 6-7hrs
Day-40 Drive to Chilas 8-9 hrs
Day-41 Drive to Islamabad 11-12hrs
Day-42 Transfer to Islamabad airport for return flight
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